Fox Farms in Scott Co., IN *****Leased*******

250 Acres, more or less

  • Approximately 191 acres Cropland as per FSA (5 tracts)
  • Please submit rent proposal on the Ag. application form located at bottom of this page
  • Soil tests by soil type or grids on 5 acre samples required before planting and every 3 yrs there after
  • Tenant will provide Manager with annual reports on chemicals applied and yields
  • Cash rent proposals preferred
  • Rent 1 Tract or all 5, or any combination
  • Lime provided by tenant (prorated over 5 yrs. by Owner)
  • Closed process with no chance to change proposal once submitted
  • 1 year lease only, but long term relationship expected
  • 0.8 acre CRP excluded
  • See Google Map below for field locations
  • See below file attachments for FSA maps and documents
  • submit proposal prior to Feb. 28th, 2015